The Dutch give their new King Willem-Alexander the world record for ‘most liked Facebook post ever’!

Now that's a truely royal gift!

The people of The Netherlands attempt to give their new King Willem-Alexander the official world record ‘most likes on a Facebook post’ ever! With 4,5 million likes on a Facebook post our King will be known as a world recold holder worldwide. A truly royal gift!

The coronation of King Willem-Alexander will be celebrated greatly throughout our nation, but what to give someone who already receives a new hymn, a spectacular event and his own national holiday? A world record on Facebook! Social and a gift from all!

This royal record attempt has been submitted to and approved by Guinness World Records®. The current world record is 4.4 million likes on a Facebook post, held in the name of Barack Obama. We can knock him of his throne before April 30th 2013 when everyone in The Netherlands and beyond joins us.

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Note for the editors (not meant for publication):

Without the help of the media this initiative is doomed to fail, so we kindly ask you to spread the news with any chance you get, to support the ‘KoningLike’ world record. This online press release offers many possibilities to share or publish this message.

This initiative comes from Dutch interactive agency Rhinofly. We tried to come up with a really original gift for the coronation of our king amongst all other gifts and initiatives as the hymn, fireworks and special events that day. Besides that, we love to break world records and believe in the power of the internet. The Facebook crown used for this attempt is a 3D-creation by VizVis.

For more information, please contact Bas Gazelle: or +31 (0)625599236

About Rhinofly:

Pure love for interactive communication

At the Dutch agency Rhinofly everyday people gather together who share a special passion with thinking up, designing and creating interactive communication. Who are curious where the boundaries in interactive communication are and take every opportunity to cross those boundaries and explore new ways.

"We were looking for a truely original coronation gift that would stant out between new hymns, fireworks and special activities. A gift every Dutch person can help with and that will help making the coronation of King Willem-Alexander world wide history." Bas Gezelle
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